Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis

I have had several wonderful, life and body revitalizing experiences in my life. Most of these have been eclectic, a combination of several methods that work well with my system, and that charge me with energy, health, and light.

I have been and will always be, at heart, a dancing path girl, but there is always something new to learn and a right opportunity at a right moment (and I will expound upon my dancing path ways in future posts).

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Today I am going to talk about Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis.

It is by far the most disciplined, hard-work–with no way around that–and yet still (most important!) doable if also the most demanding system I have ever personally experienced.

It is a six-day a week, 90 day body transformation program. I am currently almost 30 days in and I LOVE IT!

I have adjusted the diet, however, to fit my system. I have noted the parts I like the most and altered them to suit my needs and/or added them into my own diet, which is not so much "a diet," but how I need to eat to feel alive and fit.

I need regular protein. I love everything fresh. And I LOVE me my coffee and milk. Coffee is my own personal indulgence and I ain't giving it up.

My own food system has worked for me in the past and it is now working for me on the Tracy Anderson system too. So, if you are like me, and you need lots of regular lean protein, fresh veges and fruits AND you need wonderful flavor, variety and energizing food, please check in on my grocery lists and recipe posts. And please, comment and/or add in your own recipes and or variations.

So, you might wonder, if my food plan works so well, how did I get out of shape? Well, that's a longish story, but it includes not following my own innate nourishment wisdom. However, since starting Metamorphosis, I've mended my wicked ways and gone back to the food I know will lighten me up and light me up. Every time I regularly eat like this, I get leaner, healthier, more energy, and more Light! My body loves me. My mind is more alert and focused. My emotions are more balanced and happier. And my spirit sings.

But what I LOVE about the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis workout method is that [surprise! surprise!] after all the HARD exercise (I am used to the jogging–oh yeah, and I had to add that back in too–but not the exercise like she dishes it out, goodness!!), my body feels amazing.

And the Results!!! I have had awesome results every 10 days. There is nothing like results! Tracy knows how to reshape the body and I am loving how toned and tightened I am feeling every day now.

And–truth moment here–I can't do the weights part of the arms yet and I can only do half of the leg reps and I am STILL getting amazing results.

So if you are ready for an incredible way to lighten up, get strong, and get fit, and find yourself at a perfect moment for momentum, I suggest you run over to her site ( and check it out. And if you came here from there, join me, as I continue to transform in this amazing program and transform with me!



  1. I just got the Metamorphosis dvd. I'm very excited to start. I bought the Bootcamp book last week and am on Day 6. I haven't embraced the diet portion of the program. I'm trying to more conscious of what I eat. I think I'm going to suck it up and do the diet portion to jumpstart results.
    I'll stay tuned for your results!

  2. Nice to hear from you, Erin! Please share your results and challenges too if you want to. I'd love to know.